I want to practice Yoga but I don’t know where to start


Yoga appeared over 5000 years ago and since then it has developed various methodologies. You can find softer and more relaxing Yoga practices or more dynamic and physically demanding ones.

If you are planning to start practicing yoga and you are not sure which method to choose, first try to understand which type of yoga you identify with the most. Set your goals, review your physical conditions and make your choice based on your personality.

All the reasons are however valid for starting to practice, however, and in order for you to make your choice correctly while avoiding the unsuitable situations, define exactly what you are looking for and what motivates you.

If you need to gain strength, improve your flexibility or increase your muscle tone, if you want to work on your concentration and concentration or develop your more spiritual side, one of these motivations is valid for entering the yoga world. However, you need to direct your goal / desire towards the most appropriate Yoga method that matches your expectations.

Undoubtedly, there are a multitude of types of yoga, so you should do your study by collecting as much information as possible so that you can enter into this long term journey, enjoying all that the method has to offer.

Functional Hatha Yoga is the type of yoga practiced in our studio. Understand that Hatha Yoga is the most widespread and well-known part of Yoga in the West and covers different styles, the best known being Ashtanga and Iyengar.

In our classes you will find a more demanding physical practice which consists of sequences of dynamic postures, known as Vinyasa Flow. It is important to note that during the practice, the connection between mind and body is always present, promoting the long-awaited balance of the emotional system.

If you have already made your choice and your first experience is as follows, I leave you some suggestions….

. Arrive 15 minutes in advance to be able to change your clothes calmly and choose your place in class;
. Contact your teacher to find out if there are any limitations and therefore adaptations are necessary;
. Wear comfortable, adjustable clothing. Think about postures and adapt your equipment;
. You should bring a face towel, water if needed, and a headband;
. Take off your shoes and socks before entering class;
. Avoid carrying electronic equipment in practice. If you need your cell phone nearby, make sure you are silent and let the teacher know;
. Make the practice enjoyable for you and others

The first step is always the most difficult to take! If you’ve already made up your mind, go ahead and cultivate feelings of willpower and endurance within yourself.

Use Yoga as a tool to work on your acceptance, your self-esteem, respect for yourself, others and the Universe!