How To Prevent Yoga Injuries

How To Prevent Yoga Injuries

It is important to do the following to prevent yoga injuries:

1. Warm-up

One of the best ways that you can use to avoid injuries in yoga is by doing warm-ups before a yoga routine. Many people who get injuries from yoga get those injuries because they go straight into a full yoga routine. Why is this bad?

Almost every yoga routine comprises of yoga poses that make you do some deep stretches. If you are not prepared for them, the stretches can trigger your muscle’s protective reflexes and cause you to suffer from pulls and strains.

To avoid such injuries, you need to prepare your body for strenuous workouts and the only way to do that is by starting your yoga session with a set of warm-up poses. Warming up releases stress from your muscles and makes them flexible and ready for intense stretches. Therefore, make going to a yoga class 10-15 minutes early so that you can do some warm-up exercises your daily habit.

2. Use Props

Most people get yoga injuries because they don’t usually get into the right postures when doing yoga. This is most common with beginners like you who are less flexible and unable to correctly do some yoga poses.

Props are great for avoiding injuries because they help you get into right positions. For example, if you perform a pose like bridge the wrong way, you will surely hurt your back. However if you use a prop by placing let’s say a block under your butt when performing a bridge, the prop will help you perform the pose correctly and that will automatically help you avoid a back injury that you might have had.

3. Have some private lessons

As you may know by now, yoga poses are all about alignment and angles. One of the reasons why you may be injured while doing yoga is because you perform a yoga pose while on wrong alignment and angle. When that happens, your muscles are usually stressed and end up getting injured. A good example of that is the common scenario of people who perform a downward dog without their lower back being lengthened. Normally this is caused by having their legs and torso meeting in obtuse. This scenario usually results in a back injury.

One of the ways you can avoid such injuries is by arranging some private sessions with a good yoga teacher who can take you through different poses teaching you how to perform them the right way.

4. Listen to your body

This might come as a surprise to you but listening to your body actually helps you avoid injuries. Let me break it down for you. When you are in a yoga class, you usually take your cues from what you see the yoga teacher doing. For instance, when your yoga teacher folds his/her body to illustrate a pose you automatically follow his/her footsteps and do the same.

However, sometimes what you see from the outside is not always right for your body especially if you are a beginner. You can try to copy the teacher and do a headstand but if you are not ready for it, you will definitely end up with one or more injuries. Therefore, the best thing to do to avoid injuries is simply listening to your body. Yoga usually helps us to be more aware of our bodies and ourselves. Use that to find out if a pose is right for you or not.

5. Stop competing

Your level of success in yoga is not measured by how great you are at doing all the poses that your teacher does. It is also not measured by the rate at which you outdo your classmates rather it is measured by how you can personally grow.

When you lose sight of that and start trying to keep up with everyone around you the only thing that you will gain are injuries because you will push your body beyond its limit. Therefore, to avoid these types of injuries, you need to stop competing and just focus on your personal growth.

Now you are ready to start practicing yoga. But before you do, take a look at the chapter below to learn what you are supposed to eat when practicing yoga.

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