Yoga for beginners: positions and tips to start now at home


1 st step: You want, you can, you can do it!

We have always heard that yoga is very good. That improves anxiety,
breathing, posture, stress, flexibility, helps treat depression and
other benefits.

But when you look on Instagram or Facebook and you come across those
such beautiful poses and so difficult to do, you think: Ah! Yoga is not for me.

I can never balance face down or I can never open
Legs like this or I can never twist like that. And you give up
practice yoga even before you start!

Demystifying, yoga is for beginners, yoga is for beginners. The practice
Yoga is for you! It is because of you that you think you have limitations, that you feel
stiff, who thinks he has no patience and keeps putting up a lot of obstacles
don’t start.

Deep down, you have the greatest desire, because you hear so many people say that yoga
Is incredible! So I’m going to tell you something very simple and important: you have a
body and mind can then practice yoga.

Step 2: Forget about others, focus on yourself!

Forget about undesirable postures and Facebook posts. Yoga is good
because it really does well. And anyone can practice yoga
regardless of age, religion, culture, physical disability,
state of physical and mental health, yoga is for beginners, it is for whoever wants
to learn.

Because the practice of yoga adapts to anyone. With willpower and
discipline you become a yogi. Everything in life, including yoga, begins with

And what is the basis?
The word asana literally means seat. Start with asanas that
Do you feel comfortable. Stay the length of stay that suits you best. Have
So many great asanas to start your balance, strength and flexibility.

Go slowly, don’t be in a hurry. Don’t try to speed up the process. The body and the
adapt gradually with persistence in practice.

When you least expect it, you will feel so good, so happy and you will say:
“Wow, why didn’t I start earlier?”

But don’t worry, you start practicing yoga when you need to.

Yogis say that yoga is a path. They believe in the immortality of
soul and in several lives. They say that if we already practice yoga in other lives in this
life we ​​can get back on the road again.
And remember, you have a body, you have a soul and when you start to
By practicing yoga, your soul will feel that you have returned to your Path.

3rd step: look for more!

Now, we have an additional tip for you, the book “Self-Perfection with Hatha Yoga”. A guide
to understand and practice yoga. In it you will find yoga exercises for
beginners, tips for food education, relaxation and mental attitude. We are sure
This advice will help you a lot!