Self-knowledge, new journey and a more meaningful life


Many people have begun to become aware of the importance of taking care of the body and mind, especially at this time of global pandemic and social isolation, the time has come to redefine our lives. The search for yoga practice has increased and today we are going to talk about practicing yoga at home and how it can change your life, more than you think.

Step 1 – Ask!

We know that it is a change in values ​​and paradigms, so we must ask ourselves: what is important to me? What drives me in life? What are my values, my beliefs, my fears and my attachments?
Do I need to change my consumption patterns? Simplify my life and discover what
really worth? Come join this journey with us!

Yoga is a journey within us. And yes, through our body, we know and balance ourselves. This moment of going back inside, whether we are willing or not, is Pratyahara or introspection.

It is a good time to discover our true nature. What we are and what we want to change when the pandemic passes. And so, strengthened by the Divine that is in us, we trust life, being open and positive that better days will come.

Step 2 – How to start doing yoga at home?

I, as a yoga teacher, had to give it a new meaning, and I started giving the classes on Instagram live to my students and other people who at this moment were beginning to practice yoga.

For students, it is easier to follow the guidelines of the classes because they already know the asanas and pranayamas through the face-to-face classes. And for the new students who are starting their yoga class at home through live, it will help them to know Yoga and get the benefits, starting the practice I am sure will make a difference in their life. In both cases we must take some precautions because in life I am not present to correct posture and breathing.

This is only possible in the online classes of other apps like Zoom. But the idea here is to talk about yoga classes on Instagram live @yogacasaverde. In addition to classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 am and 7:30 pm and Saturdays at 9:00 am I leave the classes on the page so that you can access when you can outside these hours.

Step 3 – My tips for you to follow yoga classes at home are:

Respect your body and your limits. Love your body, it is your vehicle in this world. Stay tuned, mainly you who searched for beginner yoga at home for the first time!
Flexibility is genetic. There are more or less flexible people. I consider myself a average person in terms of flexibility; You may not be able to do some poses the first time, so I work

with the range of movements and thus you make the posture to the limit and that it is comfortable for you. Range of motion comes with time. Many people tell me that it feels hard and rigid. The constant practice of yoga removes tensions from the body and mind; Yoga is a work of conscience, it is important to be attentive in class and know

why are you doing a particular asana or pranayama and what are its benefits. Learn more about asanas and pranayama; There are indications and contraindications that are explained in class;

Try to practice after a bath if possible and after a light meal. And with a
very comfortable clothes;

Discipline in practice, try to practice at least once or twice a week.
Find a quiet, clean, and airy place in your home;

It is not covered if you were unable to do an asana in class. Remember if
personal care!

Each class is a class, it tries to feel the physical, emotional, mental and emotional.
spiritual lessons that the yoga class provided.
And I am at your disposal for any questions in practice or any need you may have. We are waiting for you to start this new moment in your life, we will take care of your health and well-being, even from afar!